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Plastic lined butterfly valves SBP are available in either wafer or lug style for on/off, throttling or control applications for liquid, powdery media or gaseous service.


The DTV provides a convenient, economical, and easy to use method of tempering hot effluent flows. Since the DTV is open only when the effluent exceeds the specified set point temperature, it also conserves water by automatically turning off cold water when not needed.


The HAT/FP freeze protection valves protects cold water resupply lines from freezing. Utilizing our thermostatic technology, this valve automatically monitors ambient or water temperatures and will bleed off the cold water in the line before freezing temperatures can cause frozen or burst piping.


Fully lined weir type Diaphragm Valves for shut-off or throttling of corrosive liquids or gaseous media. Due to its cavity free design it is also well suited for high-purity applications.


Fully lined Ball Check Valves for safe non-return flow control of corrosive process media. Typical installations are in front of pumps, as overflow protection for liquids and in venting applications.


The ThermOmegaTech® 3-way M/D thermostatic temperature control valves use a thermal actuator to automatically and accurately proportion flow in response to fluid temperature. For mixing applications, the M/D valves will modulate between the hot and cold “inlet feeds” to mix your fluid to the desired specified temperature.  


Fully lined Ball Valves for shut-off and control of corrosive, permeating liquids or gaseous media.


Sampling Ball Valves fully lined or in stainless steel with full port for safe and defined sampling with no process interruption. Sampling of corrosive media and process media with solids out of pipelines and vessels.

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