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The shower provides tepid water for over 15 minutes at a guaranteed flow of 76 liters per minute, even when there is no mains water supply.


The Therm-O-Mix® tepid water delivery system provides an instantaneous and reliable source of tepid water for a safety shower and combination face/eyewash system using existing plant steam and water.


 Safety Shields are designed to prevent and reduce catastrophic damage and injury to workers, property, and equipment by temporarily containing hazardous leaks and sprays.

indoor cubicle safety shower.png

Designed to protect the surrounding area from splashes of surplus contaminated water and to provide a designated decontamination zone, this emergency safety shower with drain sump is housed within a self-contained cubicle.


Designed in accordance with ANSI and EU standards, this wall-mounted eye/face wash with integral lid is intended for indoor use but may, where practical, be located outdoors in warmer climates.


A specialty spill catch basin that safely captures hazardous fluid leaks, drips and spills at fluid transfer hose connections and suction lines. Enviro-boxes protect both personnel and the environment.


Unheated safety shower with stainless steel open bowl eye wash. The high flow rate shower nozzle provides an even spray pattern with a 20 US gallons per minute flow rate to remove contaminants effectively.


Combined with the hose assembly from the PORTA300-16e, this inflatable decontamination shelter is specifically designed for use where contaminated water needs to be contained.

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