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Resid, Vacuum Tower Bottoms, Hot Oil Sampler 

Texas Sampling, Inc. Resid, Vacuum Tower Bottoms, Hot Oil Sampler can process viscous samples with continuous flow. Proprietary sample valve technology is installed in-line to ensure zero dead volume and to reduce plugging.


LPG Sample Systems

Texas Sampling, Inc. has several patented LPG sample systems that can take samples of LPG liquids or gases. Our LPG sample systems enable operators to obtain samples of liquids with high vaporization pressures. Sample is captured in a sample cylinder for easy transportation to the lab.

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Sampling Ball Valves SSB

Sampling Ball Valves fully lined or in stainless steel with full port for safe and defined sampling with no process interruption. Sampling of corrosive media and process media with solids out of pipelines and vessels.

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